Parker B300S MPI Yoke


NDT Equipment Sales is the Australian Distributor for Colenta, Austria, for the supply of their Industrial NDT product range. Colenta’s robust design, build quality and low maintenance requirements make them an ideal choice for use in this specialized market.

Colenta Labortechnik GmbH & Co KG takes pride in their qualification as an approved manufacturer to ISO 9001 Standards. ISO 9001 status confirms Colenta’s commitment to maintain the highest standards demanded by customers in both the quality of their products and the services provided.

Automatic NDT Industrial X-Ray Film Processor with Microprocessor controlled Display. For all standard NDT X-ray Films.


  • Especially designed for the use in mobile darkroom installation (containers, trucks).
  • With LVTT (Low Volume Thin Tank) rack design, chemistry fully protected against air oxidation.
  • With Programmable Microprocessor Controller incl. Sensorbar (4 pulsed IR-sensors) for exact Detection of Film Area for precise replenishment  of chemistry, to control  Ant Oxidation/Standby- Replenishment. Cycles, Anti-Crystallization Cycles, Standby Mode, Processing Time/Speed and Dryer/Developer Temperature of the processor.
  • With Inline Heat Exchanger for developer/fixer heating with overheat protection and cold water cooling facility (± 0, 2°C for dev.).
  • With Warm Air Dryer with overheat protection.

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