NDT Systems BondHub II Imaging Bond Tester

NDT Equipment Sales


NDT Systems has launched the Bondhub, a multi-mode imaging bond tester with fully automatic C-scan imaging capability. The BondHub utilizes the capabilities of the Bondascope 3100 and connects to any of their manual or automatic scanners to generate high-resolution C-scan images in Pitch-Catch, MIA and Resonance modes.

The software displays the live signal from the Bondascope in the Phase and Amplitude Impedance plane. Once a scan is defined, the system automatically generates the C-scan image in real time. Various alarms and gates can be used, including new colour gating for depth analysis in resonance mode. Phase, Amplitude and a special Additive display can be displayed as variables.

A host of analysis tools including defect sizing, jog to position, post-processing of gates, and reporting can be used before simple export via USB.


Integrity of composites and adhesively bonded structures.

Multi-layered laminates, glass fibre/carbon fibre composites, honeycomb and foam cores, metal to metal bonding, adhesively bonded fittings.  De-laminations, disbonds, crushed core, skin to core flaws, far-side defects, impact damage, liquid ingress and more.


  • C-scan imaging using Resonance, Pitch-Catch and Mechanical Impedance (MIA) modes.
  • No couplant required for Pitch-Catch and MIA modes Image analysis, defect sizing, multiple gates, reporting Portable, battery operated system, large sun-readable screen
  • Connects directly to a Bondascope 3100 and scanners Compatible with other manufacturer’s bond testers

For further information please email: ndt@ndt.com.au