The new standard lead blanket features handles for quicker and easier handling, printing to declare the weight of each blanket – assuring workers will know how much they are about to lift, along with larger 25 mm grommets for simple, speedier installation on racks or scaffolding.  This design is one of a kind and will be applied to every  manufactured blanket 60 lbs or under.


T-Flex® products maximize shielding effectiveness while keeping the weight to a minimum.  Ideal for applications that require custom moldable shapes along with flexibility such as small bore pipes, elbows and valves. T-Flex® products are available as blankets, ribbon wrap, pipe shields, floor tiles, magnetic tiles, and molded shapes – flexible or rigid.  Fasteners/securing methods are available and include magnets, grommets and HRA locking devices.  Tungsten, Bismuth, and Iron attenuating materials are available.  T-Flex® products are rated for continuous use up to 350° F/176°C.

  • More effectively position mass in path of radiation source to achieve lowest weight per unit of shielding.
  • Install in seconds by using the “slip-over-the component” feature, integral fasteners and/or magnets.
  • Advance ALARA program goals by adding these highly effective shielding materials to shielding tool box.
  • Lead alternative – no mixed waste.
  • Ideal for small bore piping.
  • Mold to any shape.
  • Easily cut for in field adjustments.
  • Efficient placement of shielding closest to source.
  • Rated for continuous use up to 350°F/176°C.

Source Guide Tube Shield:

Isotope       Attenuation

Se-75             80%

Ir-192            55%

T-Flex® Bi Shield Blanket:

Isotope        Attenuation

Se-75              85%

Ir-192             60%

For further information please email:  ndt@ndt.com.au