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Flyability Elios Collision-Tolerant Drone-Price Reduced

Elios, The collision-tolerant UAV designed for industrial inspection professionals – Price Reduced


We have reduced the price on our floor model Flyability Elios Drone.

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The Flyability Elios Drone is a collision-tolerant drone, designed for the inspection and exploration of the most inaccessible places.

Flyability aims at becoming the leading technology provider in exploration and inspection of confined spaces and complex environments.

Lower Costs,  Higher Safety:

Decrease downtime and inspection costs, avoid confined space entry and increase worker safety by remotely accessing boilers, tanks, pressure vessels, tunnels and other complex environments inside the plant.

Easy to Pilot, Instant Operation, Anywhere:

No piloting experience needed.  Simply unpack, insert the battery and fly without the risk of collision, damage or injury.  The drone is capable of taking off and landing in any variety of environments.

All-In-One Solution for High Resolution Imagery:

Elios is capable of delivering images up to 0.2mm/px, even in complete darkness. Along with its LED lighting and thermal imagery, it inspects and explores the unreachable.


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