AUTOMESS 18/E LOW DOSE RATE PROBE FOR 6150 AD5/6 Gamma probe 6150AD-18/E

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The Automess AD18 Low Dose Rate probe for photon radiation (gamma and X-rays), powered by the Automess 6150 AD5/6.

  • Analogue range: 0.1µSv/h – 10 mSv/h.
  • Digital range: 0.01µSv/h – 9.99 mSv/h.
  • Energy range: 65 keV – 1.3 MeV.


•Automatic recognition of probe by 6150AD 5/6 Rate Meter.
•Robust waterproof aluminium housing.
•Up to 100m connection cable.
•Measures dose rates up to 10 Sv/h.
•H*10 ambient dose equivalent.


  • Detector: GM tube ZP1200 effective length 40 mm, sensitivity approx. 5800 pulses per µSv.
  • User programmable alarms thresholds: One freely programmable threshold for each dose and dose rate (with smart models 6150AD5/6 only).
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +50°C, deviation max. ±10% referred to indication at +20°C.
  • Humidity: Nominal range 60 to 130 kPa (600 to 1300 mbar).
  • Power Supply: 4.75 V out of 6150AD.
  • Battery life: Approx. 1500 hours at low dose rates with the 6150AD’s illumination off.
  • Housing: Black anodised aluminium, waterproof. Protection class IP67 according to DIN 40050.
  • Dimensions: 26 (diameter) x 149 (length) mm.
  • Weight: Approximately 110 grams.

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