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The Latest User Centered Technology is now available!  Vidisco’s new Alpha panel comes with built-in panel wireless and long battery life, making additional accessories optional only.


Take the panel, X-ray source and nothing more when down range!  Also available with CAT for cable free, extended and fast wireless transmission at the operator’s finger tips.

In the security industry, safety is of the utmost importance as lives are often at stake.  Vidisco’s Alpha digital X-ray system allows for one approach downrange and produces great images at the click of a button.  This rugged portable battery-operated flat panel is 15 mm (0.6″) thin and provides superior imaging capabilities.  Whilst weighing only 3 kg (6.6 lbs), this panel has the largest imaging area: 35 cm x 43 cm (14″ x 17″).

Alpha has unmatched penetration whilst providing 16 bit (65,536 Grey levels) images and the highest level of detail in digital radiology imaging, ensuring accurate detection.  Like all Vidisco systems, the Alpha system fits into one case and can be carried to any inspection site with a pull-out laptop station for even simpler use.  The rugged imager enables easy positioning for X-ray inspection in challenging conditions.

Alpha Technical Configurations*


Rugged Case (STD):

  • Casing:  Small rugged case.
  • Default Computer;  Standard laptop, touch screen  (rugged laptop optional).
  • CDU to CAT Cables:  50m cable on removable reel.


  • Casing:  Ergonomic backpack.
  • Default Computer:  Rugged laptop.
  • CDU to CAT Cables:  35 m cable on built-in reel.

Extreme Temperature:

  • Casing:  Rugged case or backpack.
  • Default Computer:  Rugged laptop.
  • CDU or CAT Cables:  35 m tactical cable on reel.
  • Remarks:  Extreme temperature resistance test -20° to + 50° Celsius.

Civilian Case:

  • Casing:  Civilian Case.
  • Default Computer:  Standard laptop.
  • CDU to CAT Cables:  50 m cable on removable reel.


  • Casing:  Chaser case.
  • Default Computer:  —
  • CDU to CAT Cables:  —
  • Remarks:  Additional imager to SparX or Alpha system only.

Alpha Technical Specifications:**


  • Imaging Area (mm):  350 mm x 430 mm (~14″ x 17″).
  • Imager Size:  383 mm (H) x 459 mm (W) x 15.6 mm (D) (~15″ x 18″ x 0.6″).
  • Imager Weight:  3 kg (~6.6 lbs).
  • Dynamic Range:  16 bit (65,536 grey levels).
  • Resolution:  ~3.5 lp/mm.
  • Pixel Pitch:  148 µm.
  • Robust, Field Design:  YES.
  • Battery Operation:  Over 7 hours.
  • Battery Power Level Indication:  LED Indicator.
  • Charge During Nonstop AC Operation:  YES.
  • Support Vehicle DC/AC Inverter:  YES.
  • Accessories:  XR-DE Plus:  Dual Energy Module for Organic/Inorganic Detection., High Power Wireless up to 1.5 km line of sight, WiFiX 300 m line of sight between operator and down-range, WXR for Wireless Communication between X-Ray and Panel, Tripod Mount.
  • Software:  Advanced proprietary VEO software for security operators.

*All configurations (except Chaser) include:  Flat Alpha panel (DDA), operating system, 3 m cable to imager, AC cables, X-ray cable (default: Golden), laptop, ComBox, VEO proprietary software, backup and definition thmb drives, imager holder, panel cover, user manuals & quick-start guide in English, 2-year warranty in English.  System configurations are subject to market changes and manufacturers specifications.

** Specifications are subject to market changes and manufacturer updates.

***Alpha is available as an additional Imager to a compatible Vidisco system.

Please note:  The Alpha portable X-ray system can be connected using cables or via a wireless communication.

For further information, please email: