Multiscan Solution:

Retaining the best features of the established veo line, the new VEO+ is designed to meet the needs of today and tomorrow, make the VEO+ a smart and future proof asset for business.  Key design elements considered in the development of the VEO+ are user and performance based.


Based on a superior and innovative digital technology, four available PA configuration (16.64PR, 32.64PR, 16.128PR or 32.128PR) are offered as software options.

Along with Xpair Cloud Remote Access, Phased Array Curved Surface Correction and Export to CSV, the FMC-TFM is another software option that fives access to FMC recording of the acoustic information, and TFM imaging using up to 64 elements phased array probe.  Upgrade-ability in the filed when needed.

Superior Digital Technology:

The VEO+ electronic and software is powered by a new architecture offering superior data throughput and unsurpassed computational capacity to deliver fast and accurate results in the most demanding conditions.  It allows inspectors to easily create high resolution volumetric scans and record very precise data sets with exceptional measurement precision.

These performances come from an impressive 32 channel PA beam-former providing exceptional SNR, enhanced digital signal processing and the legendary Sonatest ActiveEdge® pulser technology.   Thanks to its Linus® 64-bit operating system and its fast 128GB SSD memory capacity, data file size is not a concern for VEO+.  Data compression is yet another feature allowing one to record huge amounts of information in more manageable data file size.


WiFi, Ethernet, SSD Storage, 128 Gb, USB, VGA, Network Files Transfer, Training and Presentation, Complete Remote Control.

Onboard Live 3D Scanplan:

The Veo+ embedded modeling tools support multiple probes and scans, enabling quick and efficient set up of inspection plans.  Choose from a range of weld geometries, render and visualize probes on the part, at precise locations, representing reality with high fidelity.  Then add sound paths, with skips, allowing to access and ensure proper coverage as planed in the scan plan.

The VEO+ embedded modelling tools are invaluable assets and a reference for the inspection report, communicating inspection results more completely and more clearly, as well as providing precious information to increase users’ level of expertise.  This feature makes the VEO+ a choice of excellence for serious NDT schools looking to provide the best academic training to future inspectors.

Remote Control Solution:

Xpair is a PC-based software application solution to manage data transfer and remote control of instruments in the field wherever a network connection is available.  Moreover, with the instrument Xpair Cloud software option, a user can access and remotely pilot the instrument of a colleague located 1000’s of km away using a mobile or wired internet connection.

  • Assist in real time technician in the field.
  • Take control of all the instrument functionalities.
  • Download data for in depth analysis in the office.
  • Upload specific setup files to the field technician.
  • Upload procedures (PDF) to the field technician.

Advanced Analysis Software:

UT Studio+ software application, which comes as part of the Veo+ package, is used to manage inspection configurations, perform data analysis and build precise reports.  Thanks to a comprehensive right click/drag and drop user interface, one can create new data views, from customized views to additional gates, measurement tools or refined color palettes, UTstudio+ helps to generate extended reports and much more.  Suitable for FMC-TFM, phased array and conventional ultrasonic techniques, UTstudio+ is able to accomplish amazing things and get the job done for a multitude of simple to advanced applications.


The veo+ enclosure has also been designed to withstand the toughest of environments and has been successful tested in the field for 5 years. Water Resistant. Shock Proof.  Subzero Hero. Dust Tight. Extended Life.

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