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The T-Gage V series offers the latest technologies that ensures easier inspection.  Each model has been built to perform in the roughest of industry conditions.  The T-Gage V series of gauges have monochrome displays as standard.


To enhance the user experience a colour display (C) can be configured, as can the additional A-Scan functionality (W).  Simple upgrade options are available throughout the life of the gauge.

T-Gage VB:

The T-Gage VB is a basic variable velocity gauge with probe and is the most economical model designed to make reliable, accurate thickness readings, primarily on steel structures with access to only one side.  Packaged in custom moulded high density casing with a rubber keypad, this gauge offers the end user a simple working interface.  This model is easily upgradeable in the field to delivery data-logging functions

T-Gage V:

As a mid-range model, the T-Gage V offers the most popular features including echo-to-echo (E-E).  These include increase/decrease in gain; vibrate and illuminate the keypad on alarm conditions and with the “transducer attendant” – the end user is notified when to replace the transducer.  Simple field upgradeable options include A/B-Scan capability and the data logging software,  Data XLS.

T-Gage VDL:

The T-Gage VDL is the top of the range model offering all the features of the VDL, together with the flexible data logger taking up to 50,000 readings, B-Scan and Echo to Echo functions.  It also includes the Data Management Software, customised pouch belt clip and elasticated hand strap to easily use the instrument in either hand.

Further model options include:

  • T-Gage V C: E-E, Colour display.
  • T-Gage V W: E-E, A-Scan.
  • T-Gage V CW: E-E, Colour display & A-Scan.
  • T-Gage V DLC: E-E, Datalogger; Colour display.
  • T-Gage V DLW: E-E, Datalogger; A-Scan.
  • T-Gage V DLCW: E-E, A/B-Scan and Datalogger.


  • Weight:  230 grams (8 ounces).
  • Size:  76.2 W x 127.0 H x 318 D mm (3″x 5″x1.25″).
  • Operating Temperature:  -20° to 50°C (-4° to 122° F).
  • Material Surface Temperature:  -20° to 537°C (-4° to 1000°F), depending on probe use.
  • Battery type:  2 x AA Alkaline batteries.
  • Battery Life:  Operates for 50 hours (20 hours with back-light on).
  • Display:  128 x 64 graphics LCD monochrome. 220 x 170.  Graphic colour TFT display.
  • C = Colour  Display W=A/B-Scan

Warranty One year warranty on parts and labour.

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