The Sonacoat III is compact and lightweight with multi-functional menu driven performance for fast, practical and precise coating thickness measurement with separate exchangeable probes.




The Sonacoat III can be used for all types of varnish, paint and electroplated coatings on iron and steel as well as varnish, paint and anodizing coatings on iron/steel and non-ferrous metals and on austenitic stainless steel.

The Sonacoat III is suitable for both in the laboratory and for use in harsh field conditions.  The IP52 rating gives protection against dust and dripping water.  Never has a gauge operation been so clear and so straightforward.

Data processing is straightforward and fast.  No cables are required – data can be transferred to a notebook or other equipment via an infared interface.  There is no worry regarding connector damage and no time wasted in attaching cables.

Three models of the Sonacoat III are available:

  1. Sonacoat III FN 1.5 includes a general purpose, non detachable probe for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.
  2. Sonacoat III S uses detachable probes.  A range of probes are available to cover a wide variety of requirements.
  3. Sonacoat III Pro:  The Pro has enhanced data logging (up to 10,000 readings) and statistical analysis.


  • Measuring Principle:   Magnetic induction method (F)
  • Display:  4-digit : digit height  10 mm / 400 mils, selectable between µm/mils, black-light.
  • Confirmation of Reading:  Audible ‘beep’.
  • Calibration:  Factory calibration, zero calibration, foil calibration Offset – function; add or subtract of a constant value.
  • Scan Mode:  Gives continuous readings for variable coating measurements.
  • Memory:  Maximum 200 readings.
  • Statistics:   Number of readings, mean value, standard deviation, maxi,u, and minimum reading.
  • Pro:  10000 readings in 250 files with enhanced statistical analysis.
  • Data Output:  Infrared Interface.
  • Operating Temperature:  0°C to 50°C / 32°F to 122°F.
  • Surface Temperature:  -15° to 60°C / 5°F to 140°F (standard) -15°C to 150°C (with optional foot).
  • Power Supply:  2 x AA 1.5V batteries.
  • Housing/Keypad:  Protection class IP52 (protection against dust and dripping water).
  • Dimensions Gauge:  137 mm x 66 mm x 23 mm / 5.4″ x 2.6″ x 0.9″.
  • Weight:  (Incl. batteries):  225 grams / 8 0zs (gauge + FN 1.5 probe).
  • Standards:  DIN EN ISO, ASTM, BS.

Optional Accessories:

  • Data Transfer Software.
  • “FixSoft”, providing templates for spreadsheets and trend presentation.
  • “ProSoft” for Pro version provides full data management.
  • Soft carrying pouch.
  • Infrared Adapters.

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