Setting Standards of Performance and Reliability:

For more than thirty years the Railscan name has meant exceptional performance with class-leading design within the rail infrastructure market.  The new Sonatest Railscan 125+ flaw detector delivers a higher level of near surface resolution and penetrating power into a portable and rugged enclosure.


It also offers more measuring capabilities than its predecessors for rail applications such as:

  • Rail walking stick inspection solutions.
  • Rail manual defect sizing.
  • Rail bottom depth measurements.

Sonatest Ultrasonic Assurance of Quality:

Based on sixty years of experience, the Railscan 125+ is powered by high-end software and electronic technologies:

  • Narrow Band amplifiers 2 MHz and 5 MHz.
  • Up to three gates for complete inspection solutions.
  • Encoder driven for rail-thickness auto-logging.
  • Best signal-to-noise ratio on the market (SNR).

The Reference for Railway Companies:

Approved by Network Rail, the owner and infrastructure manager of most of the rail network in England, Scotland and Wales, the Railscan 125+ takes part in the quality control procedures to ensure integrity assessment of the UK railway network.

The Railscan series instruments are used by different private and public railway companies throughout the world.  Designed in cooperation with railway specialists for railway applications, including:

  • Walking Stick Compatible (Sperry Rail, NRS and any other bi-directional walking sticks…)
  • Rail-Thickness auto-logging functions saved directly to a spreadsheet format.
  • Single shot PRF for high-speed multiplexing.
  • USB outputs to support custom software systems (e.g. Sperry palmtop with GPS).
  • Long battery life (up to sixteen hours, quick recharge time).

Robust and Reliable:

Sonatest’s reputation for robust design and proven reliability is an important aspect of Sonatest’s flaw detector ownership. Downtime is expensive and should be minimised to ensure maximum productivity.  The Railscan 125+ is constructed to high standards using a high-density enclosure that is sealed to IP67, giving an excellent water resistance so it can withstand the railway’s harsh environments in which operators work.  The Railscan 125+ has a two  year warranty, extendable to five years with Sonacover and a worldwide service network.

High Visibility Display:

For any flaw detector, the display is a crucial element.  The Railscan 125+ has a colour transflective VGA display and maximum readability is achieved, even in direct sunlight conditions, through adjustable brightness and the choice of nine colour palettes, including a black-on-white LCD emulation mode.  The Full Screen mode maximises the A-scan area to improve readability further whilst testing and its fast response and peak capture functionality ensure any indications clearly displayed, even if it only appears for one cycle of the 1 KHz PRF.

High Performance with Total Control:

The acknowledged ease of use of the previous Railscan generation has been enhanced with the menu navigation key, providing easy access to functions.  The menu structure has been designed to guide the user through their task with operation quickly becoming second nature.

UT-Lity Data Management Software:

  • UT-Lity software provides everything needed to manage inspection data, configuration files and software updates:
  • Load, store, manage files both on the PC and on a connected flaw detector.
  • Save, analyse, colour code and export thickness logging data to spreadsheets/asset management software.
  • Update the Flaw Detector Firmware as and when updates become available on the Sonatest website.


  • Frequency Range:  2.5MHz and 5.0Mhz.
  • System Linearity:  Vertical = 1% Full Screen Height (FHS) with amplifier accuracy ±0.1dB.  Horizontal: ±0.4% Full Screen Width (FSW).
  • Gate Monitor:  Three fully independent gates for echo monitoring and thickness measurement.  Gates are adjustable over the full range (amplitudes from 0%-100% FSH).
  • Memory:  All A-Scans and Panels are automatically deleted after 24 hours of creation.  (Applies to Network Rail approved software version).
  • Rail-Thickness Log:  Encoder triggered rail thickness log stored in a CVS file.  Data accessible by a computer using the USB cable provided.
  • Power:  Lithium-Ion battery pack 14.4V/50 ampere-hours. (Up to sixteen hours duration from a fully charged pack, recharge time 3-4 hours).
  • Standard Kit Includes:  One Railscan 125+ Flaw Detector.  One Li-Ion battery and One battery charger.  One Fabric Carry Bag and One USB Cable.  One Calibration Certificate (EN12668) and One Instruction Manual.

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