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The MCM-2 is a non-destructive moisture measurement gauge designed for quick determination of water content in the thermal insulation of pipes and vessels at chemical and petrochemical plants.


Designed as a screening tool to rapidly locate areas of trapped moisture, the MCM-2 works well in conjunction with corrosion detection equipment to quickly detect areas where corrosion under insulation (CUI) is highly probable.


  • Fast and easy to use; allows thousands of feet of insulated pipe to be tested in a day.
  • Designed for maximum accessibility in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Telescopic pole allows for testing from a distance of 10+ feet.
  • Microprocessor based.  Direct readout in engineering units.  All tests can be stored and identified as to pipe or vessel and location.  Using the RS-232C serial interface, the data can be quickly uploaded onto a computer or printer.
  • “Quick Test Mode” for automatic readings and comparisons with a dry standard.  User entered tolerance levels for very fast moisture detection.
  • Up to 24K storage capacity for moisture readings and other key data.


  • Evaluate insulated tanks and vessels quickly for potential corrosion problems.
  • Investigate insulated pipe for high concentration of moisture to identify areas for corrosion inspection.
  • Quickly detects levels in containment vessels.

Simplicity of Operation:

This state-of-the-art instrument offers two easy-to-use operating modes.  The manual mode allows individual tests to be taken at the push of a button, then recorded in memory.  The Quick Test mode takes continuous readings, one every second.

Licensing and Training:

Instrotek offers the necessary radiation safety and application training to ensure proper use of this device on a continuous basis.

Rugged and Reliable:

The MCM-2 detector assembly is enclosed in a strong light weight aluminium housing.  The LCD readout is sealed in a dust-proof and water resistant enclosure.  The padded shoulder bag offers additional protection and convenience.

Data Logging:

Data logging capabilities allow storage of thousands of readings.  The operator can format the memory to identify location, date and time or direction of measurements using a 5-digit ID number.  Data can be transferred to a computer or printer and is compatible with most spread-sheet programs.

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