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The MB30 Gamma Alarm is a fully portable radiation alarm which is triggered automatically when the radiation level, due to the exposure of the source, reaches a pre-set level. This stand alone alarm system is fully mains re-chargable, therefore it can be located in the area of radiation exposure, without the need for connection to mains electricity.

Three clear warning indicators… The MB30 Gamma Alarm features three different indicators. The amber flashing lamp indicates that the alarm is switched on and that the radiation level is below the pre-set threshold. The red flashing lamp indicates that radiation is present and exceeds the pre-set threshold, while an audible alarm indicates that radiation exposure is about to take place.

Easy to use with simple controls… Just three colour coded switches control all the funcations on the MB30 Gamma Alarm. The red button switches the power to the alarm off and while in this position, if the mains power is still connected, automatically charges the battery from the built-in charger unit. The green button switches the alarm on. The amber lamp flashes until the threshold is exceeded, at which point the red lamp flashes, the amber lamp is extinguished and gives an audible warning. Once the radiation level has fallen below the pre-set threshold, the amber lamp is re-energised. The yellow pre-warning switch activates the audible alarm immediately prior to radiation exposure during the amber flashing mode. The audible alarm is de-activated automatically once the red lamp is illuminated and exposure is taking place.

The MB30 Gamma Alarm will operate continuously for about 16 hours on one charge and 8 hours if being used to drive slave units. Once the battery needs charging a red LED will flash, and all the operator has to do is switch off the red alarm button and plug in the charger lead.

An overnight charge is usually sufficient, but in an emergency, such as a flat battery, the MB30 Gamma Alarm can be operated using the mains via the charger lead.


  • Portable battery and mains powered radiation alarm.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • ABS case built to IP65.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Battery back up in the event of mains power failure.
  • Audio and visual alarms.
  • Drives up to five slave indicators.


  • Dimensions: 250 mm L x 200 mm W x 210 mm H.
  • Weight: Approximately 4 kgs.
  • Detection: Halogen filled GM tube.
  • Calibration: Caesium – 137 standard.
  • Audible alarm: 100 dB @ 1 meter. Piezo electric two tones.
  • Safe lamp: Amber xenon 1 joule, flash rate 1/second.
  • Hazard lamp: Red xenon 1 joule, flash rate 1/second.
  • Battery: 12v 7AH sealed lead acid, gives approximately 16 hours use – master units only, derates to approximately 8 hours with slave units. Battery low warning indicated by red LED and audible tone.
  • Battery charger: Integral, 13.8V constant voltage, fully charged battery approximately 16 hours.
  • Mains power: 110V/240V =/- 10% 50 Hz. Unit automatically selects correct supply. Power on indicated by green LED

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