Magnaflux Aerosols:


  • ZL-60D – Level 2 Fluorescent water-removeable penetrant is ideal for finding indications in castings, forgings, extrusions and rough surfaces.
  • ZL-27A – Level 3 high-sensitivity Type 1 penetrant designed for inspections which require maximum process control and reliability, such as safety-critical aerospace testing.
  • ZL-37 – Level 4 ultra-high sensitivity, designed for detecting fine, tight discontinuities in safety-critical components, such as titanium turbine components, and in high-stress parts.
  • SKD-S2 – Solvent-based developer that creates an opaque white background for high-contrast penetrant testing.
  • ZP-9F – Non-aqueous developer made of organic particles. It produces a fast-drying, opaque white coating and contrasting background for fluorescent and visible penetrant inspections.

Magnaflux Aerosols have always been a well-known brand within the industry.

Large coverage:

  • Aerosols last longer, minimizing inspection costs
  • Reduce need for stocking and disposal cost

Reduce risk of missing indications:

  • Reliable formula covers part surface evenly
  • Material stays on the part, ensuring proper inspections

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