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The APR Pro is a fifth generation Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry inspection system for ultra-fast and reliable inner diameter (ID) tube inspections.


APR Pro technology:

Specially formed acoustic pulses are propagated through the air enclosed in a tube.  Echoes generated by defects are recorded using special cutting edge microphones.  Powerful algorithms identify the location, type and size of ID defects.

A small and powerful device:

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the APR Pro has been designed with speed and mobility in mind.  The lightweight, ultra-portable, battery operated probe is small enough to be carried in a backpack, while the absence of cables or calibration tubes makes the APR Pro easy to operate.

Designed for fast inspections:

Highly sensitive to through wall holes (detects any hole with diameter of ≥0.5 mm) with under ten seconds for single tube inspection, enables efficient testing of 100% of tubes in shutdowns and emergency inspections.

Reporting Options:

  • Experienced analysts are available 24/7 and guarantee top quality analysis and reporting every time.
  • Self analysis and reporting is available with the advanced software option.

ID defects detection:

  • Extremely sensitive to through-wall holes, blockages, and restrictions.
  • Easy detection of ID wall losses (pitting, erosion).
  • Ability to detect holes from 0.5 mm in diameter.

Complete ID coverage of all types of tubes:

  • U-bends, fin-fans, twisted, spiral wound tubes.
  • Ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metals, graphite and plastics.
  • ID diameters from 6 mm (1/4″) to 50 mm (2″).
  • Inspect tubes up to 20 metres in length, (depending on tube configuration and type).

Cutting edge technology:

  • Touch screen display.
  • Cloud based data delivery.
  • USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Automatic software updates.
  • Battery operated handheld device.

Practical solution:

  • Extremely-fast, non-invasive inspection at less than 10 seconds per tube.
  • Battery and AC operation.
  • No need for inventory of consumable probes or calibration tubes.

Effortless operation:

  • Simple inspection processes.
  • Single user operation with minimal training requirements.
  • User-friendly interface ensures reliable and efficient inspection, guiding the operator throughout the inspection process.

Professional service:

  • Get reports from a highly trained and experienced analyst team in less than 24 hours after the inspection.
  • Very light and convenient for fast transportation, battery certified for air freight.
  • Entire system and accessories housed in a single and light backpack.

Technical Specifications:


Dimensions and Weight:

  • Device:  Length:  21 cm (8.27″) maximum.  Width:  13.3 cm (5.24″).  Height:  27.3 cm (10.75″).  Weight: 2.23 kg (4.92 lbs).
  • Backpack:  Length:  50 cm (19.69″).  Width:  33 cm (12.99″).  Height: 20 cm (7.87″). Weight: 6.00 kg (13.4 lbs).
  • Power supply:  Battery operated:  Li-Ion 14.8V.  Dual voltage system (110V/230V).

Operating temperature range:  -10° to +50° C (14° to 122° F).

Tube Characteristics:

  • Tube Diameter:  6 mm – 50 mm inner diameter.
  • Tube Configuration:  Any configuration including U-bends, finned tubes, twisted tubes and spiral wound tubes.
  • Tube Material:  Any material including:  metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) and non-metals (graphite, plastics, ceramics).
  • Tube Length:  Up to 20 M length depending on defect size, tube configuration and type.
  • Detectable Defects:  Holes (≥0.5 mm diameter, smaller in some cases).
  • Blockages:  (Minimum of 5% of cross section).
  • Wall loss:  (≥20%).
  • Inspection Speed:  10 seconds per tube in any tube configuration.

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