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Lightweight Field Operated DR Flat Panel Systems

NDT Equipment Sales Pty Limited is pleased to introduce the Flat foX-17 and foX-Rayzor Amorphous Silicon Portable Flat Panel Systems manufactured by Vidisco.  Vidisco has over 16 years R&D and production of portable X-ray systems sales in over 60 countries. These systems are truly 100% portable, contained in one case (including X-ray source) that is easily carried by a single operator and deployed in minutes anywhere in the field.  These panels have the optimum combination of portability, superb dynamic range and excellent resolution.

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DR Flat Panel System Benefits

  • Fast Set-up & Immediate Results, No Repositioning
  • No Processing or Development Time
  • “Cost Free” Imaging, Infinite “Re-shoots”
  • Flat foX-17 Large Panel Imaging Area of 28cm x 40cm
  • foX-Rayzor Super Thin Imager - just 13mm

Highest Quality X-ray Images

  • Superb Dynamic Range - up to 14 Bit
  • Excellent Resolution - up to 4 Ip/mm

Lightning Fast Software

  • Data Base & Visual Library Capabilities
  • Automatic Window Levelling
  • Zoom up to 800% digitisation free
  • Export/Import & Data Backup Functions
  • Multilingual Program

Portable Field Operation

  • Fully Battery Operated
  • Lightweight & Small - One hand-carried Case!
  • Laptop Driven Flat Panel System (No PCI Cards)
  • 50m of lightweight cable on Reel connecting between Flat Panel and Laptop
  • 150kV or 270kV Portable Battery Operated Pulsed X-ray Source
  • Wireless X-ray and Data Operation

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NDT Equipment Sales is the Exclusive Distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Lixi. 

The Lixi Profiler utilizes a Gadolinium-153 isotope, engineered detection technology and proprietary software to provide the non-destructive testing (NDT) community with a unique tool for pipe inspection. It is hand-held, easy to learn, and simple to operate. The unique combination of technology and packaging found in the Profiler allows you to perform pipe inspection work like never before. No costly and messy removal and replacement of insulation, no need to cut a test hole and clean and prep the pipe surface - the Profiler is used with the insulation in place. No time and expense spent dealing with film - results for the Profiler are available immediately. No roping off the work area for radiation safety - the Profiler utilises Gadolinium 153, a relatively low energy source. No wondering if the spot tests you ran caught the problem - the Profiler can be used on all of the pipe, not just in spot areas. The Profiler allows you to do the job faster, more completely, and more cost-effectively than any other method. Time is money.


  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Chemical Production
  • Power Generation
  • Food Processing
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Aerospace


  • Pipe Wall thinning
  • Weld location
  • Pipe blockages
  • Integrity in ammonia systems
  • Inspection of wood, rubber and composite material

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NDT Equipment Sales is the Exclusive Distributor in Australia for QSA Global.

Sentinel™ gamma ray projectors, long established as the ‘industry standard’, incorporate the unique ‘Posilok’ source locking mechanism developed and tested to meet the most stringent industry regulations.

880 Gamma Projectors are available in the following models:

  • 880 SIGMA Ir-192, 130 Ci Max
  • 880 ELITE Ir-192, 50 Ci Max

Sentinel™ gamma radiography products justifiably have a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and safety. They are the universally acclaimed choice of thousands of industrial radiographers who insist on using the best equipment, and demand outstanding value for money.

Sentinel™ offers the radiographer a comprehensive range of equipment from individual sources, accessories and safety devices to complete gamma ray projector systems.

Sentinel™ manufactures a complete range of radiography sources (Iridium-192, Cobalt-60, Selenium-75 and Ytterbium-169) as well as source holders fully compatible with all leading makes of projector.

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NDT Equipment Sales is the Exclusive Distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Lorad X-Ray Systems.

LORAD's LPX Series x-ray systems are the most advanced, most accurate, most reliable industrial x-ray systems available.


  • End-grounded x-ray tubes
  • 5-160 kV, 5 mA constant potential output
  • 10-200kV, 10mA constant potential output
  • 10-300kV, 0.1-10.0mA (900 watt max)
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Beryllium window x-ray tube
  • Lightweight, gas insulated portable x-ray tubeheads
  • Lorad's exclusive Laser Pointer for pinpoint central x- ray beam targeting
  • Water and air-cooled models available
  • Digital control unit includes automatic warm-up program, preset data display, self-diagnostics and status display
  • Automatic voltage adjustment
  • Quick and easy maintenance via plug-in printed circuit boards
  • 100 feet of cable for remote operation
  • Plugs into standard outlet or portable generator

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The Faxitron x-ray range represents the latest evolution of the highly successful Faxitron product line. Over the last 25 years, Faxitron X-Ray Systems have become the standard in small cabinet X-ray inspection systems. The Faxitron's size and radiation safe enclosure make it ideal for location almost anywhere. A modular design is utilized for easy service and upgrade. This unique design provides long life and safe, reliable operation.

Faxitron® Cabinet X-ray System Model 43855D
- Simple controls and ease of operation
- High contrast, high resolution imaging
- Convenience and space savings
- Shielded, radiation safe enclosure
- Variety of applications including inspection of printed circuit boards, semi-conductors, components and encapsulated assemblies.

Faxitron Cabinet X-Ray System Model 43855C
- Ease of operation
- High Contrast, high resolution imaging
- Convenience and space savings
- Shielded, radiation safe enclosure
- Easily customized to meet specific requirements
- Digital image processing module
- Variety of applications including inspection of printed circuit boards, semi-conductors, components and encapsulated assemblies.

Faxitron Circuit Scan CS-100AC
The CS-100 Real-time Imaging system is designed for the inspection of SMT assemblies, semiconductors and PCBs. The system provides the advantages of real-time defect detection for electronics production, quality control, research and development and failure analysis applications.

The Circuit Scan CS-100 features a microfocus source with a fixed spot size for high resolution imaging. This system is ideal for inspection of hidden features such as:

- BGA, Micro BGA and Flip Chip attachment
- BGA Rework Support
- Fine Pitch Solder Quality
- Wire Sweep
- Die Attach
- Encapsulated Assemblies
- Inner Layer Registration

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NDT Equipment Sales supplies a full range of industrial x-ray and gamma accessories including IQI’s, Lead Markers, Marker Tapes, Lead Intensifying Screens, Cassettes, Collimators, Darkroom Accessories, and Radiation Safety Equipment.  We represent leading suppliers throughout the world, including Wilnos, Automess, Roffey and PTW brands.

AUTOMESS Dose Rate Meter 6150 AD5/6

Automess Dose Rate Meters 6150 AD5 or AD6 provides universal radiation protection measuring instruments for measuring photon radiation (gamma and x-rays) and for the detection of alpha and beta radiation.

The instrument has a built-in GM counter and additionally provides a probe socket to connect external probes. If a probe is connected, the internal counting tube is automatically turned off; the detector of the probe is now measuring. The type of the probe is automatically recognized (e.g. display "ext 17" when a 6150AD-17 probe is connected). Display range and units are chosen automatically according to the type of the probe. Also, there is no fixed assignment between probe and instrument. That means you may connect any probe with any 6150AD, where probe indication will not depend on the 6150AD in use. One pin of the probe socket serves as serial interface and can be used to transmit and evaluate the display (dose rate) of the instrument on a PC. Cables to connect external probes may be up to 100 m long (depending on probe type). Standard lengths available from stock are 1.25 m, 3 m, 10 m, 20 m, 75 m, and 100m.

Automess also provides a full range of nuclear instruments for radiation protection and monitoring.

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Wilnos H Universal film Viewer

The H Universal general purpose unit for practical film viewing and defect interpretation. Handy and robust, uniform, total illumination of the entire viewing area.  Wilnos also manufactures other models. Details on application.

Wilnos LCD 201 Hand-held Probe Densitometer with digital LED display for industrial x-ray film density measurement. 240 volt.

Roffey Personal Radiation Detector
The Series III provides an automatic audible and visual warning of the presence of ionising radiation.

The audible alarm is a high-pitched bleep with a repetition rate approximately proportional to the intensity of radiation.  The visual alarm is a bright flashing light that is clearly visible to the wearer, and other people working in the same area- this is particularly useful in areas of high background noise and for personnel with hearing difficulties.

When not exposed to radiation the unit effectively self-checks and briefly emits an audible and visual warning a few times per hour to confirm it’s state of readiness.  The pocket-sized instrument is operated by a single dry cell battery.

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Portable Dose and Dose Rate Meter


  • Rugged and Reliable
  • Durable nylon holster with belt clip
  • Removable rubber sleeve for extra protection
  • Water resistant
  • Low power technology (600 hour operation)
  • Can be used with rechargeable batteries
  • Battery life indicator
  • Large display with backlight
  • Top alarm indication (Can be operated in holster)
  • PC-software with real-time graph
  • 1600 data points (Allows retrospective analysis)
  • Adaptable user interface
  • Earphone output for noisy environments
  • Alarm relay output for area monitor applications

Digital Survey Meter

  • Measuring range: 0.01 mR/h to 10 R/h (0.1 £gSv/h to 100 mSv/h)
  • Overload indication: 10 R/h up to 1000 R/h (100 mSv/h up to 10 Sv/h )
  • Energy compensated GM Tube
  • Energy range 45 keV-1.3MeV

Rate Alarm

  • Two programmable alarm thresholds for dose and dose
  • Selectable anywhere from 0.01 mR/hr to 9999 mR/hr
  • Audible, visual and vibrating alerts (Earphone optional)

Electronic Personal Dosimeter

  • Displays accumulated personal dose
  • Records mean/max dose rate
  • Records accumulated dose
  • PC-software for data analysis and instrument configuration (optional)
  • Audible, visual and vibrating alerts (Earphone optional)


  • All settings and the data analysis can be done by an optional WindowsTM based PC-software and an accompanying reader device.

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