X-MET5000 is a versatile tool appreciated by inspection companies that provide a wide range of screening such as Positive Material Identification (PMI), flow accelerated corrosion testing, RoHS screening or even soil analysis.

  • Precise point and shoot analysis
  • Routine Identification in seconds
  • 304/321 separation or Grade CPTi/Ti-7 in less than 5 seconds

Extensive and open grade library

The X-MET5000 allows easy editing of the grade libraries, including the addition of new alloys and naming of alloys. It has an integrated grade library containing:

  • Nickel Alloys
  • Stainless Steels
  • Cobalt Alloy
  • Low Alloy Steel
  • Tool Steels
  • Copper Alloys
  • Titanium Alloys
  • Zirconium Alloys
  • Aluminum Alloys (heavy alloying elements)

The X-MET5000 is capable of storing thousands of grade identifications and it is easy to add new elements or to create a unique library.

Three modes of operation

  • Assay and Grade library ID
  • Direct spectral identification

Easy and reliable

  • Short learning curve
  • Minimal training is required
  • Easy data storage and reporting
  • PDA based technology for flexibility and simplicity
  • CE, cCSAus certified
  • The PentaPIN™ detector provides faster analysis and lower detection limits for all elements
X-MET5100 for Metal and Alloy Analysis
  • QC
  • PMI
  • Scrap Sorting
  • FAC
  • RoHS

Oxford Instruments new X-MET5100 takes the analytical performance of hand-held XRF to a completely new level. X-MET5100 combines Oxford Instruments ground-breaking Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) with a powerful 45kV X-ray tube.

This cutting edge technology delivers fast, highly accurate measurement and the lowest limits of detection, enabling the analysis of Light Elements such as Mg, Al and Si without the need for complex vacuum or helium attachments. A truly huge step forward for hand-held X-ray fluorescence analysis.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary Light Element analysis, no awkward vacuum
    pumps or helium bottles
  • Substantially faster analysis and throughput
  • Low detection limits: ppm level analysis in 10 seconds
  • Totally non-destructive testing
  • Traceable Empirical Calibration to certified reference materials
  • Fast and reliable identification of wide range of grades
  • Withstand temperatures up to 400ºC / 750ºF
  • Analyze weld beams down to 2 mm with optional weld beam collimator

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Oxford Instruments understands the increasing importance of the need to analyse key elements in metals.  Materials verification, PMI and scrap sorting are all areas where high standards are demanded by end-users, quality control systems and safety procedures.

Precision and performance has to be second to none.  That is why ARC-MET8000 has been designed to identify all the key elements in metals, including carbon and other light elements.  Recognizing that carbon identification is of primary concern in all material identification is of primary concern to all material verification functions, especially welding, ARC-MET8000 has the unique capability of measuring carbon in both air and argon modes.

ARC-MET8000 mobile, battery operated OES analyser for alloy analysis, offers:

  • Fast analysis and sorting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals i.e. low alloy steels, SS, tool steels, low alloy (white) cast iron.  Includes alloys Al, Ti, Ni, Co, Cu, Zn and Mg.
  • Carbon analysis in air from low alloy steel
  • Superior analytical quality with IP54 (NEMA 3) Protection Rating
  • Ease of use
  • Repeatable results for Carbon, Sulphur, Phosphorous and Boron
  • Expandable assay models
  • Rugged design
  • Convenient mobility
  • Versatility - Easy interchange between ARGON or AIR
  • Battery Operation

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Testmaster Pro

TEST-MASTER PRO is a robust, mobile spectrometer for precise analysis, quick grade ID and sorting of metallic samples. It is optimised for continuous operation, and is ideally suited for heavy industrial and fully automated applications.

The TEST-MASTER PRO exhibits the unique capability to produce precise carbon analysis with a surprisingly short 4 second test.

A software controlled digital high frequency power source produces a controlled spark in argon or a direct-current arc in air.

Current, voltage, frequency and inductance can be separately monitored and adjusted to optimise the most efficient parameters for the particular application.

Frequencies and voltages up to 500 Hz / 500 V as well as an arc current of up to 6 amps allow the trouble-free excitation. An added advantage is that even grey cast iron excitation in spark-mode is possible.

Speed of analysis, precision and user-friendliness were the most important factors in the development of the TEST-MASTER PRO.

The Multi-CCD-Optic’s readout system uses DSP technology (Digital Signal Processing). The 14 CCD-detectors each have a dedicated processor, evaluated the data from the complete wavelength range in microseconds.

Cooling within the case of the instrument has been revolutionised, the TEST-MASTER PRO is equipped with a secondary cooling-circuit with heat exchanger. The conventional cooling fan arrangement and air-convection found in most instruments becomes redundant. Heat is dispelled via a specially designed jacket, efficiently cooling the instrument without moving parts.

Additionally the TEST-MASTER PRO´s housing is hermetically sealed so that dust particles or other impurities can’t get into the instrument case causing instrument failure.

Features include:

  • Heat exchanger for cooling
  • Rapid sorting including carbon determination
  • Light weight sample probe
  • High performance
  • Input via Touch-Screen
  • Automation

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Fast and reliable metal-analysis

The completely revamped spectrometer offers additional functions and improved analytical capability in a compact and sturdy construction.

Apart from the new excitation-electronics, which guarantee a superior precision and constancy in both Arc and Spark results, the energy management of the instrument was also enhanced for mobile use. The 24 volt power supply is designed to guarantee independence from mains power over a number of days. Operation is via a 12.1 inch touch-screen monitor. Depending on the use, the monitor can be individually adjusted. The pluggable module can also be used independently of the transportation unit, making it easy to use even in difficult to access locations.

Thanks to the multi CCDs Optical-system with up to 30,000 channels, material tests on all standard material grades and chemical elements can be executed. With the optional UV probe assessing P and S in Steel is unproblematic.

The optical system is fully re-adjusted automatically without any interaction by the operator. As this process is constantly preformed in the background during normal operation, it is not necessary to acclimatize the instrument. When switched on, the PMI-MASTER PRO is immediately ready for action with no warm-up phase.

Due to the WAS Jet-Stream Technology; the probe can be used on the most complex shapes, even wire as thin as 1 mm can be accurately measured without the added cost of specialized and expensive adapters. Our probes are fitted with HPC fibre-optic cable. This special high transmission Quartz-fibre is not prone to decay (blindness) caused by the effects of solarisation and is therefore unique in its stability and durability. This uniqueness allows precise measurement of the minutest trace of carbon. (i.e., in low carbonized stainless steel 1.4404/1.4306)

Perfect mobility due to batterypower, the transportation unit and the sample length of the probe-heads flexible tube.

  • A versatile analytical-system in spite of its compact construction.
  • Precise analysis and material identification with quality detection
  • Jet-Stream Technology permits prompt measurement on all shapes and forms

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The first class laboratory optical emission spectrometer for complete metal analysis

Engineered for high performance and reliability, the new FOUNDRY-MASTER PRO, with it’s innovative optical system and extended wavelength range assures precise identification and trace analysis of important elements, such as: N in steel and P in aluminium.

Proprietary detector and read-out technology, developed specifically for spectroscopy applications, out perform conventional photo tube based systems, positioning FOUNDRY-MASTER PRO as the system of choice for metal manufacturers, processors and the foundry industry.

A unique sample stand, proven jet-stream technology and a superior plasma oscillator ensure straightforward and precise analysis. Sample geometries, from large semi-finished products to tiny wires present few challenges.

Ease-of-use and simplicity differentiate the FOUNDRY-MASTER PRO. The intuitive user interface and numerous customer driven features conspire to make life simple.

Compact, robust and reliable, the high-precision FOUNDRY-MASTER PRO can be used in any location..

  • Wavelength range 130 nm – 800 nm covering all elements
  • Precise analysis including grade determination
  • Uncompromising analysis
  • High long term stability and lowest limits of detectionology permits prompt measurement on all shapes and forms

For more information visit: www.oxford-instruments.com

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