Rohmann Eddy Current Probes and Reference Standards

NDT Equipment Sales is the Exclusive Distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Rohmann Eddy-Current Test Instruments and systems.  We offer a range of high quality eddy current test instruments.


Ergonomic One-Hand Eddy Current Test Instrument

Universal inspection technology with powerful features

The ELOTEST M2 V3 is a universal one-hand test instrument for surfaces, bore holes and hidden structures.  In addition, it measures the conductivity and layer thickness of all materials.  The ELOTEST M2 features a DUAL-frequency inspection with mix and covers the entire frequency range from 10 Hz to 12MHz.  It offers all filter functions (LP, HP, BP) to optimize signals for static and dynamic inspections.  The crisp LCD with LED backlight that works even in direct sunlight ensures an optimum display of the test signals.  Integrated reference standards make the on site work easier and faster.

Optimised for:

Manual inspection of:

  • Surfaces
  • Bore Holes
  • Hidden structures


  • Conductivity
  • Layer thickness

Dual frequency inspections with mix

Easy operation with a clearly structured keypad

The instrument is operated via a distinctively structured keypad with a clear assignment of the functions.  This way, even inexperienced operators are able to use the instrument quickly and reliability.  The user-friendliness is supported with clear-text messages on the display.


The new ELOTEST M3 is based on the small and powerful ELOTEST M2, well known as the smallest handheld eddy current tester on the market.  The ELOTEST M3 offers a large size LCD display with stunning definition and brightness.  When multiple inspectors have reviewed images for evaluation or precise handling of the probe does not allow capability of holding the instrument, the M3 will be the instrument of choice based on the large display and intuitiveness of the parameter adjustments.

Some of the exceptional performance data:

  • Wide frequency range from 10Hz to 12MHz
  • Filter functions low pass, high pass, band pass are standard
  • Large 60 db main gain and pre gain settings
  • Independently adjustable dual frequency operation (s9ngle probe)
  • Intuitive pictogram guided 10 key user operation
  • All commonly available probes can be operated from the ELOTEST M3
  • Optimized rotor operation feature included in the standard package

The main application for the ELOTEST M3 are manual surface inspection, bore hole inspection, hidden structure as well as conductivity and coating thickness measurement.


The ELOTEST B300 is a new ergonomic and sturdily designed housing does not only offer a generously sized user panel (display and keypad) but also maximum protection against jolts and vibrations.


The ELOTEST N300 is an autonomous eddy-current test instrument with a network connection to any modern PC


The ROTOTEST is designed particularly for the fast and reliable inspection of bore holes with rotating probes.

Other models are also available. 

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NDT Equipment Sales is the Australian distributor for QI² Quest Integrated, Inc., supplier of the Magneto Optical Imager. 

The Magneto-Optic Imager (MOI) uses an innovative eddy current induction method to induce magnetic fields in defects and magneto-optics to form images of the magnetic fields associated with the defects.  These field images closely resemble the defects themselves.

The MOI is a major improvement in terms of reliability as well as speed for many inspections involving both high and low frequency eddy current applications.  It has demonstrated its superiority in inspections for surface fatigue cracks, particularly on large areas such as fuselage skins and wing panels.  Use of the MOI for the detection of subsurface cracks and corrosion shows its versatility.  Reliability, ease of use, no calibration needed and minimal training requirements make the MOI a most cost-effective instrument for many inspection applications.

Magneto Optic Imager technology has made major contributions to the non-destructive inspection of aging aircraft for cracking and corrosion.

The MOI was developed for imaging anomalies in ferrous and non-ferrous materials using magneto-optic visualization.  The MOI produces real time images of surface and subsurface defects and subsurface corrosion in metals.  Major aircraft manufacturers have approved the technology for use.  The US Air Force and Navy, major airlines and maintenance facilities are using the MOI for inspection of their aircraft.  It is also being used in inspections for hidden corrosion in various aircraft skins and coverings such as de-icing tape.  This non-destructive testing method gives the inspector the ability to quickly generate real-time eddy current images of large surface areas. 


  • The MOI 308/3 (303 imager) is a large format imager. 
  • The MOI 308/7 (307 imager) is lightweight and compact has a total frequency range of 1.5 kHz to 100 kHz.
  • The MOI 308/37 includes both the 303 and 307 imagers.
  • The new MOI 308 TDF (Turbo Dual Frequency) comes with the 303 imager and has dual frequency excitation contained in the imager. 

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